My meditation teacher and friend Dahlia chimed in with a few more tips from her FIFTEEN YEARS of tending kombucha. She agreed to me sharing below:

My great flavor secret is green jasmine tea. It makes a delightful light, flavorfull booch!

I am not prioritizing the "hotel" link this morning as I have much on my wishlist for doing today, but my experience is: you just make a fresh batch of starter, put the SCOBY in without any starter, and leave it. I always have a backup stored this way in my fridge and I've left my SCOBY over hurricane season like this with friends. It's usually fine even after six months! It might take some time to wake up; sometimes a long first ferment doesn't seem to go anywhere, but a second round then does just fine. The biggest thing folks say about not wanting to brew is they can't keep up with drinking it, and popping the SCOBY in the fridge is so easy!

My favorite late afternoon pick-me-up right now is a kombucha spritzer, which is a mix of kombucha and sparkling water. This is also nice for folks who find the full strength stuff a bit much; you can go 1:5 booch:water or 1:1.... totally up to you. Yesterday I made one with an orange La Croix James left behind and it was delicious, tee hee!

My other tip is: fermentation time can vary by 100% in different temperatures and the result is entirely subjective. You do you! I just dip a straw under the SCOBY and taste it until it gets to where I want.

To follow Dahlia's work, check out beloved.org

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Let's give sauerkraut a try on one of our future visits. Great Granny Gremel would be so proud!

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